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Are you a recent education leaver? Or perhaps someone looking to take their first steps into account management? At AMC we have a dedicated program for those like yourself. Through a tailored training plan, we aim to give you all the skills you need to start your sales career.

I started my working life as a fitness instructor and will be the first to admit that back then my computer knowledge extended no further than turning one on! I started with AMC in 2013 as their purchasing manager, my first step into the IT industry. In this role I gained valuable knowledge around the…

Andrew Gardiner - Sales Team Manager
Andrew Gardiner

I joined AMC shortly before my 18th birthday. I had become restless in education after one year of sixth form and I’d decided I wanted to jump straight into a full-time job. I was luck enough to be taken on by AMC and my working career began. I was the first school leaver to be…

Kye Parker - Sales Team Manager
Kye Parker
After 2 years of growth, the best year in AMC’s history, a new office, and a successful implementation of a technical team, we are pleased to announce the following positions have just been made available.

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IT Account Manager

If you are looking for your first step into account management, this role is for you! With AMC’s tailored training and guidance, we give you the skills needed to begin your sales career.


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