Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

30 June 2022

AMC IT Workplace Mental Health

The life of a regular employee has become busier inside-out of their work.

Meeting deadlines, working longer hours, pursuing their interests, and looking after family, have broken the “me-time” of every individual. This has severely affected an employee’s work-life balance and thus invites unwanted health issues.

At AMC, we prioritise and support our employee’s mental health in the best way we can:

  • Offering additional time off when needed and encouraging everyone in the team to take their time off to build resilience and enhance mood and energy levels
  • Offering one-to-ones focusing on individuals on a more personal level and on how to reduce stress levels
  • Keeping all chats private so that our team can feel they can open up about their struggles without it ever being used against or tracked back to them
  • Offering free professional counselling sessions
  • Team-building trips and meals to boost physical and mental wellbeing
  • The choice to work from home and many other wellness incentives.

We also celebrate the hard work of our team through monthly awards such as employee of the month/ salesperson of the month enticements and quarterly/ yearly bonuses – by doing so we keep a high staff retention rate while also enhancing morale and motivation.

Never has it been more important to focus on workforce mental health than now.

We need to raise awareness about mental health by encouraging people at all levels to be honest and speak out, not only because it sends a clear message to employees that support is available if they are struggling, but also because it improves productivity – allowing the business to achieve peak performance – and also helps them thrive and feel good inside and outside of work.