AMC and HP helping you guarantee a Brighter Future with up to £100* trade-in Reward!

1 February 2022

AMC Brighter Futures

Brighter Future is a simple and effective Trade-in programme designed to support the recycling of ineffective devices and enabling affordable hybrid learning.

There is no minimum number of units you need to purchase in order to participate, all you need to do is trade in the same number of units that you are purchasing to take advantage of our promotion.

So, for example, if you purchase 20 laptops with an intel i5 processor and trade in 15 eligible laptops, then you will receive a reward value of £1500.

On the successful submission of a claim and the trade-in of your old devices, you will be eligible to claim the reward as cashback. During the claim process, you can also opt-in or out of generating Carbon Credits provided by Forest Carbon.

Carbon credits are used by Forest Carbon to support the work that they are doing on Nationwide Woodland Conservation projects. Your school will be updated on the claim as to how many carbon credits the claim has generated in your name.

AMC IT Brighter Futures prize