How Dell deliver the perfect end-to-end working solution to support the ‘new normal’.

15 October 2020

Hear from AMC’s Technical Director, Nick Bonnett as he discusses how Dell can help your business keep up with today’s changing world.

In my lifetime I’ve seen the introduction of mobile phones, cloud technology and even the World Wide Web! However, there has never been such a rapid and uniformed shift in the way we work as that of March 2020. Over a couple of weeks, with the Covid-19 pandemic growing at an alarming pace, all over the world, traditional office working ceased, and remote working took over.

There were many reasons why organisations struggled during this transition, issues included infrastructure unable to support remote working, security worries, financing new solutions during a time of uncertainty and others.

Since March, the world is ever changing, with local lockdowns and the advice to return to remote working where possible, now more than ever is it important to find a vendor that can support your organisation and prepare you for the future, end to end.

With 65% of their own employees working between office and home, Dell understands the importance of being able to work flexibly with maximum productivity. Their remote working solutions support you, wherever you are. With built-in security, comprehensive threat management and data security features, Dell gives you an added level of security to prevent breaches.

With the vast range of laptops, desktops, monitors and accessories, whether you’re on a desk, kitchen table or your lap, Dell supports all workspaces!

With your employees all set, it’s essential to have the infrastructure to support this.

Starting with Dell Technologies’ best selling PowerEdge server range, which are great value, reliable and cover almost any workload. Plus, with OpenManage and iDRAC built in, you can monitor, manage and update servers remotely too!

Dell also boast a wide range of storage and hyperconverged options to fit all sizes and types of customers whether they are on-prem, cloud or hybrid.

Then there’s the flexible VDI solutions that deliver high performance and security for remote workers, keeping your staff productive and protected, and keeping up with the ‘new normal’ ways of working. Utilise the cloud-based monitoring software here, Cloud IQ to provide insights and analytics to prevent problems before they happen, avoiding unnecessary downtime.

With Dell’s various cloud consumption models, you only pay for what you use, meaning you avoid under/over-provisioning which can be key to cost savings. You can also increase your compute capacity in as few as five days.

If cloud consumption is not for you but at times like this, you need to look at taking out a finance option, take advantage of Dell’s finance offers, including up to 180 days payment deferral.

When looking at Dell’s range of offerings, it really is the only vendor in the market right now that can deliver a reliable end-to-end working from home solution.
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