Returning to the office after Covid-19

25 June 2020

With the easing of lockdown, as a company we have very much been looking forward to being back in the office together. We miss the personal interaction and the effectiveness of face-to-face collaboration. However, it is not a decision we are rushing or taking lightly, and with Bupa Health Clinic research showing many Brits are feeling anxious at this time, we are striving to make the process as safe and as low-impact on our staff as possible.

On return, every staff member will be fully briefed to ensure they understand any hazards and risks, plus the rules and procedures that we have put in place.

There will be a phased return, to reduce risk and pressure on the employees and the business. We have ensured that everyone is spaced a minimum of 2m apart, plus hand sanitizer, PPE and antibacterial cleaning products are readily available. We have also introduced signage throughout the building in order to continue driving awareness.

Our communal areas are limited to a maximum of two employees at a time and there is detailed guidance around the use of these areas ensuring social distancing and no more tea rounds!

All staff are asked to wipe down their desks every day with antibacterial spray and wipes. The same applies to our meeting room, after every use. We are also avoiding the use of our air conditioning and there will be no visitors on site until late August at the earliest.

As you can imagine the policy is a lot more in depth, but these highlight the measures put in place.

We are also encouraging our staff to reach out to our company counsellor who can provide confidential support and advice.

We are also continuing to allow any team member to continue to work from home should they wish to do so.

Following government guidance, we are confident we have made our office safe for our staff. We are looking forward to having our team back in the office once we get the go ahead!

Returning to the office